Our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

Rebecca Williamson
Licensed Veterinary Technician

Beka’s farming background provided her with a valuable hands-on perspective on animal care. In addition to becoming familiar with horses, cows, and domestic pets, Beka became an expert at showing pigs. In fact, when Beka was a young girl, she even rode the pigs in swine rodeos. Her well-rounded animal care experiences have given her an excellent background for veterinary medicine work. In fact, Beka always knew she would work in the veterinary field, helping to keep animals healthy so they could enjoy quality time with their pet parents!

Beka was born in Melbourne, Florida, and moved to South Carolina when she was seven years old. Beka and her older brother had plenty of chances for animal encounters on their family farm. Beka frequently rode horses, and excelled in her 4-H chapter’s competitions. In fact, Beka won scholarships, medals, ribbons, and trophies for displaying her well-cared-for farm animals. One of Beka’s favorite pets was her guinea pig Duke, who often accompanied Beka to school. Duke quietly stayed under Beka’s chair during her school day, waiting patiently for some playtime.After Beka graduated from high school, she worked at a local veterinary clinic, an experience that provided her with good real-world experience in her chosen field. Next, Beka enrolled in Piedmont Technical College’s Veterinary Technology Program. As part of the program requirements, Beka had to complete three semesters of internships besides completing her classwork. She interned at Verdin Veterinary Services, at another veterinary practice, and at a specialty animal hospital. She graduated as Valedictorian of her class. Beka immediately felt at home at Verdin Veterinary Services, and came to work at the hospital full time after she finished her internships.As a Licensed Veterinary Technician, Beka thrives on interacting with the hospital’s clients and their much-loved pets. Beka’s work frequently takes her to different hospital treatment areas. She enjoys assisting in surgery, and especially likes to monitor patients under anesthesia. She takes care to perform her very best with each patient. Beka also likes to splint and bandage patients, and knows that her first-quality work can help each patient to heal quickly. Beka and her husband Matthew have two sons, and Beka absolutely loves being a mother. Beka helps out regularly at her church, and she also serves as a Volunteer 4-H leader. Beka often hones her cooking and baking talents, and she willingly shares her popular chocolate chip cookies with her friends and coworkers. However, don’t ask her to share the secret family recipe!Finally, animals are still very much a part of Beka’s home life. She often visits her parents’ farm animals, and has also opened her home to two feline family members. Pepper and Snickers are brothers, and look almost exactly alike. They’re both high-energy kitties, and are often seen jumping over furniture and endlessly chasing each other around the house.

Erica Merrill
Customer Care Representative/Veterinary Technician

Erica especially enjoys working with her older clients and their pets. She appreciates the clients’ wisdom and insights, gained from years of life experiences. Erica also loves to see the special connection these clients have with their beloved pets. When Erica can play a role in helping a client’s pet stay healthy, or recover from an illness, she receives a wonderful sense of fulfillment!

Growing up in Clinton, South Carolina, Erica was primarily raised by her grandmother, whom Erica remembers for her delicious Southern cooking. Erica credits her hard-working grandmother for passing on a good work ethic and an abiding sense of honesty.Once Erica was old enough to work, she took a job to help support her family. When her employer’s business closed, leaving Erica seeking work, a friend introduced her to Dr. and Mrs. Verdin. In 2006, Erica was hired as a veterinary receptionist, but also received hands-on veterinary technician training. Erica very much appreciates her cross training, as she’s equally comfortable working in the front office and in the exam rooms. Most importantly, Erica loves building relationships with the practice’s clients and their much-loved pets.Erica enjoys sharing life with her husband, Victor, who travels throughout the United States as a land surveyor. The couple has one daughter, Viktoria. Erica loves to read, and she also receives great satisfaction from teaching a Sunday School class at her church.Erica and Victor provide a wonderful home for their pets. Their elderly dog, Porter, passed away recently, and she and her husband have added two new pups to their family: Cooper and Uncle Ruckus. They are a handful but a lot of fun! Their daughter Viktoria is exploring her options as far as whether or not she wants to go back to school or continue working in the local area. She isn’t sure of her final career path yet, but she is being industrious with a full-time job in the meantime!

Kaitlin Stoddard
Customer Care Representative / Client Communications

Kaitlin’s passion for people shines through in her daily interactions within our practice and making the patient experience the best it can be. She is our strength behind the scenes as our Marketing coordinator. She thrives on helping clients to meet their pets’ needs as economically as possible, along with finding ways for our practice to give to the community in a charitable way through the power of the media. Kaitlin has also been elected the practice’s “Board Master” by her coworkers. She has taken a hands on approach to Marketing regarding our online presence and website and enjoys it thoroughly! She regularly updates the practice’s Facebook page as well. Kaitlin certainly excels in her role as an enthusiastic client ambassador!

Growing up in Simpsonville, South Carolina, Kaitlin stayed busy with family and school activities. Kaitlin was actively involved in several school-based church and Christian organizations, and she also competed in track and cross-country in high school. After she graduated, Kaitlin joined Verdin Veterinary Services following other part-time work.When Kaitlin joined the practice, she developed a passion for educating clients about their pets’ health. Kaitlin considers her coworkers just like family, and each day is filled with friendly camaraderie and mutual affection. Kaitlin also feels that her work is a ministry, and she has been called to Verdin Veterinary Services to bring joy to others.Kaitlin has been happily married since 2010 to the 2nd love of her life (her Savior, Jesus Christ being the first),and she and her husband have three children. She is now working primarily from home, so most of what she does no longer involves being in the front office, accepting phone calls or scheduling appointments. She is considered our partner with a marketing company we work with to keep the clinic forefront in our community’s mind. In addition, Kaitlin makes re-check phone calls on behalf of the Doctors to follow up with specific patients’ progress and help field questions about the next steps in treatment. She focuses on personal relationships with clients through thank you notes, sympathy notes, and thinking of you cards, as well as helping with specific community outreach programs and initiatives. She also helps to ease the burden of daily email communication by managing both of our clinic email accounts and keeping up with requests or questions through our Pet Portal system. She’s an active member of her church praise band, passionate about missions, and loves to spend time with her family. Kaitlin also takes pleasure in creating crafts, and takes any opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. While Kaitlin and her husband don’t currently have any pets, they formerly owned a lovely female pit bull. The couple hopes to share their home with another “bully breed” dog in the future.

Leah Lanier
Pet Groomer

Leah’s entire life has revolved around animals. Growing up in Valdosta, Georgia with her brother and sister, Leah brought home her first stray dog when she was five years old. Every Easter, Leah received chicks, rabbits, and guinea pigs from her grandmother. Leah has always loved to be outdoors, as her father’s parents had a farm near Savannah, Georgia. In fact, Leah’s first job was mucking stalls for her horse trainer. Leah’s familiarity with different types of animals gave her a wonderful foundation for her pet grooming career!

Leah began her pet grooming career at a large corporate grooming salon in Greenville, South Carolina. After completing grooming school in Union, South Carolina, Leah worked at the corporate salon for several more years. Seeking better hours, she came to Verdin Veterinary Services, where she has groomed pets for the past nine years. With 20 years total grooming experience, Leah can confidently groom dogs of different breeds and coat types. On any given day, Leah might give a Labrador retriever a bath, clip and scissor a poodle to the breed standard, and give a rambunctious puppy his first-ever haircut. Leah might even groom a client’s cat on occasion. Leah enjoys the variety of animals she sees every day, and she values her coworkers’ expertise as well.Leah’s family includes two children, a daughter and a son. She also has quite a few canine children. Leah counts greyhounds, whippets, Rhodesian ridgebacks, and Borzois among her canine housemates.Finally, Leah’s expertise on the grooming table has helped her to achieve impressive results in the show ring. Over the years, several of her dogs have become finished champions. Leah’s dogs have also proven to be canine athletes, achieving great results on the often-challenging coursing field.

Rebekah Verdin
Practice Manager

Rebekah’s Irish grandmother was instrumental in helping young Rebekah develop a deep love for animals. Her grandmother often took Rebekah and her siblings to visit animal sanctuaries, and frequently supported animal welfare charities. These experiences led to Rebekah’s desire to help young, needy animals to get a good start in life. Rebekah and her parents were also able to help a sick young kitten return to health. Working at Verdin Veterinary Services, Rebekah is happy to play a part in helping clients’ beloved pets remain healthy!

Rebekah was born in Northern Ireland, and moved to a town near Glasgow, Scotland when Rebekah was four years old. Next, Rebekah moved to Allentown, Pennsylvania, as her Presbyterian minister father wanted to establish a church there. After Rebekah and her sister graduated from high school, they both moved to Greenville, South Carolina to attend college. They were both bitten by the state’s southern charm, and decided to settle in the area after college. Rebekah accepted a position as a third grade teacher in a local school.Rebekah became involved with Verdin Veterinary Services in 2009, when Dr. Verdin and his wife Eloise asked Rebekah to provide additional support during a time of transition. Andrew Verdin, the couple’s son, was preparing to graduate from veterinary school and join the practice. Rebekah, who was happily dating Andrew, gladly embraced this challenging new opportunity.While Rebekah first trained as a veterinary receptionist, she transitioned into Eloise Verdin’s former office manager role. Rebekah most enjoys interacting with the clients and their pets, and considers the hospital’s staff more like family than employees. Each week, Rebekah juggles many tasks to keep the practice running smoothly. She handles inventory management, helps develop and implement marketing strategies, and works as a receptionist when needed. Also, Rebekah constantly seeks more efficient ways to operate the practice while still maintaining the staff’s close relationships with their clients. Since Rebekah primarily works behind the scenes, she’s able to bring her sweet baby girls to work some days. Rebekah is thrilled that Baylis and Harris will grow up seeing her father improving, and even saving, animals’ lives every day. Her responsibilities involve “behind the scenes” management duties – Human Resources, financial, inventory management/ordering, and some client communication when the need arises. Rebekah has always enjoyed running, but has recently switched to long walks on the family’s property. In her limited spare time, she also enjoys reading, trying new recipes, and scrapbooking so she can remember the milestones in her girls’ lives.Naturally, Rebekah and Andrew share their home with two furry children as well. Leah, their sweet little miniature Sheltie, has shown herself to be a very smart little dog. Rebekah was able to teach Leah to roll over in just a few attempts, with a treat in hand to tempt her adorable canine friend. Rebekah showers love on her sweet white rescue cat, Marshy as well.

Nicole Ince
Veterinary Technician/Customer Care Representative

Nicole was surrounded by animals constantly while growing up here in Simpsonville. She had a particular fascination with a television show called Emergency Vets, and the program inspired her to pursue veterinary medicine herself. Nicole’s passion hasn’t wavered—now, she’s a member of the Verdin Veterinary Services team and plans on continuing her studies in the world of animal care!

Nicole earned her Bachelor’s degree in biology from Bob Jones University and graduated in the spring of 2013. Currently, she’s taking online classes through Penn Foster College to obtain her Veterinary Technician’s certification. Once she becomes licensed, Nicole plans on continuing toward her ultimate goal: attending veterinary school to become a practicing veterinarian!Here at the hospital, Nicole enjoys the constantly changing nature of her work; no two days are ever quite the same. She has a special passion for surgical work, and even hopes to specialize in surgery during veterinary school.When she has time outside of work, Nicole enjoys reading, working on puzzles, cross-stitching, and spending time with her own pets at home. She has Cockapoo named Copper, a playful Malti-poo who goes by Trevor, and a lazy tabby cat named Simba. Nicole and her family also keep two large freshwater fish tanks in their home and are currently raising three goats named Andrew, Annie, and Carmel.  Her family only has 1 fish tank now 

Sheila Weitkamp
Licensed Veterinary Technician

Sheila came to her veterinary technician career as a result of a fork in her career path. In 2009, Sheila’s former employer closed the plant where she worked, and Sheila was faced with a life-altering decision. She could try to continue on an uncertain manufacturing path; or she could explore a new career that would build on her love of animals. Sheila’s husband encouraged her to obtain the training necessary for a veterinary technician career. Now that Sheila’s a Licensed Veterinary Technician, she knows that she chose the perfect career path for her!

Sheila began her life in Lancaster, Pennsylvania as an only child. After graduating from high school, and settling down with her husband, Sheila moved to South Carolina in 1994. Her husband had been offered a job at a Greenwood, South Carolina manufacturing plant, and the couple found a home with several acres that suited them perfectly. Several months later, Sheila was offered a Quality Engineer position at her husband’s plant. She worked there for 15 years, only leaving her employment when the plant ceased operations.Upon her husband’s urging, Sheila enrolled in Piedmont Technical College’s Veterinary Technician Program. Graduating in 2013 – Magna Cum Laude with high honors – she began work at Verdin Veterinary Services shortly afterward. Sheila loves many aspects of veterinary medicine, and strives to learn at least one new thing every day.When Sheila learns more about a specific medical condition, or gains knowledge about a diagnostic tool or treatment technique, she feels that every bit of information helps broaden her patient skills. Sheila views each patient interaction as a puzzle, and she loves the challenge of learning how the pieces fit together. Her ultimate goal is to help her furry patient recover and enjoy a good quality of life with their pet parent.When Sheila’s work day is finished, she and her husband like to relax at home. Since their children have embarked on their own life paths, Sheila and her husband have found themselves with plenty of room, although they do share the house with six dogs. The couple incorporates hunting into many aspects of their home life, and they always seem to be preparing for deer or turkey season.Naturally, caring for six dogs keeps Sheila and her husband quite busy. Their canine family members include Kate the dachshund mix, Leroy the bloodhound mix, and Bob the shepherd mix. Roxy the Rottweiler, Toby the other Lab mix, and Grace the Basset hound mix round out the furry family members. Each dog has their own personality and behavioral quirks, and each one tries to outsmart their pet parents on occasion. Still, Sheila and her husband cherish their dogs and just can’t imagine life without them.

Ashley Werts
Veterinary Technician

Ashley started as a Summer Intern in 2016, then in August 2016, she joined the Verdin Family.

Working with animals has always been her passion. From the time she was able to walk, her parents would find her in the goat pastures. She would stay there until they made her come in! Animals have always had a special way of making her feel comfortable. Since animals have always been a huge aspect of her life, she could not see herself doing anything else.

In 2007 Ashley started showing Boer meat goats with the local and state 4-H. Rocky, her first show goat was her best friend! They had a connection that was very noticeable, and very understandable. After finishing his show season, Ashley kept Rocky as a pet. About 3-4 years later, Rocky became very sick, and had lost over 75% of body weight. As Ashley worked with him for almost 6 weeks with no improvements, she went back to the barn with her dad, to say her goodbyes. As she was talking to Rocky, she told him she wished there was something more she could do for him, but she was out of options. Rocky had gotten so weak, that he could not stand on his own. As Ashley sat there crying and praying, Rocky started fighting to get up. That is when Ashley realized that there was one thing she had not done at all since he went down. She had never continued to work his legs and muscles. Slowly, he was able to start holding his own and after six more weeks of physical therapy, she had her best friend up walking again. About 6 months total, and after almost losing him, he ran out of the stall when she let him out! That is when she realized that she not only wanted to work with animals, she needed to. From then on, Ashley worked hard to accomplish her dreams.

Ashley first started volunteering work at clinics during the summer and school breaks. Then, in 2011 she was able to start working in a clinic as a kennel keeper, and was slowly introduced to vet medicine, where she fell further in love with the profession. In 2013, she was trained as a tech assistant and was blown away at how natural some of the techniques felt. When she started looking for a clinic to be at long term, she found herself looking at Verdin Vet. Ashley’s grandmother and family started using Verdin about 30 years ago. Her grandmother would always bring her to the clinic when she had to bring a pet in, so thanks to her, Ashley decided to come here when the time was right.

Ashley really enjoys assisting in surgery. She loves being able to learn something new with each procedure. It keeps her mind sharp to look for anything abnormal in lab work and to assist with monitoring anesthesia machines. She also has a growing interest in radiology. It has always caught her attention when a patient comes in acting fairly normal, but after taking x-rays, the Doctor notices a hurt back, or a bladder stone.

Ashley grew up in Laurens, SC with both parents and a sister. Her family frequently had baby goats in the house that needed extensive care. Her interest in school included showing livestock, being very active in FFA and 4-H (on local/state and national levels).

She now lives with her parents, Daisy May, her 12 year old Basset Hound, Hank, her 2 year old pit mix/rescue baby, and 6 goats (Lizzy, Baby, Blondie, Mary Jane, Snickers, and Ranger). Ashley’s goats are just pets that eat a lot of grass and feed! Daisy used to work as a herd dog when she was younger, but now just loves to lie in the sun. Hank, her crazy child, loves to learn new tricks, but is easily side-tracked. He can start learning a new trick, and out of no-where starts chasing a leaf or bug. Hank is the BEST cuddle buddy on rainy nights!

Lynne Long
Veterinary Assistant

Lynne has always harbored a deep passion for animal care, and wishes she could adopt every single pet in need of a home. She’s wanted to work with animals for almost 12 years, and is absolutely thrilled that her dreams in the veterinary field are finally coming true! She serves as a Veterinary Assistant here at Verdin Veterinary Services.

A South Carolina native, Lynne was referred to the clinic by her neighbor, who also works here. Lynne began as a Veterinary Assistant in June of 2014. She’s particularly fond of drawing up medications for pets, holding animals while they’re getting vaccines, and lending a helping hand to anyone in the office.At home, Lynne and her family have six dogs: Bit, Benji, Buddy, Bella, Joe, and Max. They’re all very different, and each holds a special place in Lynne’s heart.Outside of her work, family, and pets, Lynne loves crafting and recently learned how to transfer a photograph onto a canvas. She also likes hunting and fishing with her husband Ronnie, grilling, camping, swimming, and roasting marshmallows around a toasty fire with her two children.

Danielle Cronic
Customer Care Representative/Veterinary Technician

Danielle has known the Verdin family for many years—the clinic was Danielle’s family’s first choice when choosing their local veterinarian. Danielle was so inspired by the care and compassion she and her pets received here that she decided to apply for a job!

Danielle is a native of Laurens, South Carolina and first joined the Verdin Veterinary Services team in the fall of 2015. She is especially passionate about client education, and strives to impart helpful knowledge to pet owners in a clear and concise manner every day.Danielle is a recent graduate of Clemson University, and even showed dairy cattle there as a part of the Dairy Show Team. She currently lives in Laurens with her family. Next fall, Danielle’s family will grow a little larger—she will be married to her fiancé, Andrew, who is currently studying youth ministry in graduate school.

Cindi Taylor
Customer Care Representative

Cindi worked 26 years ago for Dr. and Mrs. Verdin and took time off to raise a family. After working several years in a fast paced environment, she decided to do something she really loved again. She called Mrs. Verdin one day to see if they were looking for more staff and a position was available!

Pets are such a joy and comfort to people in all stages of life. Cindi really enjoys helping people in times of need when concerned with their fur babies and struggles they encounter. Happy pets, happy people.

She was raised with horses, cows, pigs, goats, rabbits, chickens, and of course dogs. Animals have been a part of her entire life. Horses were the love of her life and she had her first pony at age 5. She was riding her one afternoon when she was stung by something and took off like a rocket. Cindi held on for dear life. Finally she stopped… for Cindi it was fun… her Dad, however, was terrified!

Being around animals so young and so many different kinds Cindi was fascinated from the very beginning. Watching animals being born, taking first steps, opening their eyes for the first time, just the overall wonder of God’s creation has always been amazing.

She really enjoys the clients, their stories, how they got their pets, what they’ve been through with them, how they have enriched their lives. Cindi also really likes watching her coworkers and their compassion and skill as they work with our patients. She sees their exhaustion and perseverance and dedication to help our Verdin Veterinary family in every aspect of their health. It challenges her to be a better person.

Cindi was born in Merrit Island, Florida and moved to SC at age eleven. She married the love of her life and had four children. Now, she has four grandsons and cherishes every minute she spends with them.

In 2012 she was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer that had metastasized to her liver. Five years later and five surgeries later, she is cancer free. It has been the hardest thing she has ever experienced, yet the most life changing and amazing time of life. Through this time the relationship with her Creator has been awesome, and He has shown her He is always in control and has a plan. But most importantly that he loves her unconditionally.

Cindi lived on a dairy farm when she was five. Almost daily she would get up early and go down to the milking barns and “help.” One of those times she was straddling the gutters that ran behind the cows where the farmers would come in and hose down after the cows left. Of course all the nasty cow stuff would wash through them. As she was straddling it one day, a cow’s tail slapped her in the face, and she fell face first in the gutter. Needless to say the guys sent her home, and her mom hosed her down! It was pretty nasty.