Tips for Boarding Fido

Does your dog like to follow you around? Our canine pals are great friends and companions, and they often like to stay close to their owners at all times. Unfortunately, Fido can’t go everywhere with you. Sooner or later, you will likely find yourself making reservations for your furry buddy to stay at a doggy hotel. In this article from a Greenville, SC vet, you’ll read some helpful tips on boarding your dog.

Choosing When To Board Fido

Although many people only board their dogs when they go away on vacation, there are several other occasions where it can be very helpful to kennel your pooch. Weddings; births; funerals; graduations; and other major life events can get pretty hectic, especially if you are having company. Fido may be both safer and more comfortable at a spa for a few days. Home renovations—especially the type that don’t take long but get super chaotic, like painting—are another time to consider boarding. Another situation that may warrant boarding your canine companion is if you are having surgery, though this of course will depend on the type and severity of the procedure.

Prepare The Pooch

We recommend booking a short stay for Fido, such as an overnight visit, before you bring him in for a longer visit. That way, your pooch will already be familiar with his spa. If the schedule at the kennel is significantly different from Fido’s usual routine, start adjusting his schedule the week before.

Clear Communication

Every kennel is a little different, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. For instance, some will allow you to bring your pup’s bedding and toys, while others prefer to use their own things. Make sure you understand the kennel’s business hours; pickup and drop-off times; and contact procedures. It’s also important to give any special instructions clearly and in writing. We don’t have to know that Fido lets the cat bully him, but it would be very helpful for us to know if he is terrified of thunderstorms. Unless you board with your vet, you’ll need to provide your dog’s medical/vaccination records. Last but not least, make sure that the kennel has your contact information, as well as the number for a backup, in case you can’t be reached.

Are you looking for a great place to board your dog? Call us, your Greenville, SC animal clinic!

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