Tips for Getting Through Shedding Season

Spring is almost here! Although we don’t get as much snow and cold weather as our northern neighbors, our seasons do change enough to trigger shedding cycles in many pets. As you start putting your winter clothes away, your furry pal may also be going through a wardrobe change. Here, a Greenville, SC vet offers tips on dealing with shedding season.


Brushing your four-legged buddy daily will reduce the amount of fur you find scattered throughout your home. You’ll be capturing that dead fur with a brush before it gets all over everything. If you have a dog, take Fido outside to brush him, so the extra fur blows away.


Did you know that a proper diet can help reduce the amount of fur your furry friend sheds? Good nutrition will help keep your pet’s fur shiny and healthy, and reduce the amount of dry, dead fur they shed. Make sure your little (or not so little) buddy is getting plenty of fatty acids and healthy fats, such as Omega-3 and 6 oils. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


The best way to reduce the amount of fur you find in your home is to vacuum and dust regularly. We recommend doing a quick daily vacuum, followed by more thorough weekly cleanings. Having trouble getting pet fur off your upholstery? Try using a squeegee. A damp sponge or rubber dish gloves also work well. Putting washable slipcovers on your furniture is also very helpful.


Do you find yourself covered in fur every time you pick your cat up, or whenever your dog leans against your leg? Keep a few lint rollers handy. We recommend keeping one in your car, one at work, and a few at home. It will also help to choose clothing that won’t attract fur. Denim and polyester blends are good options.

Cat Care

While Fido absolutely has to go outside, cats can be purrfectly content staying inside. (Note: kitties are also safer and healthier living indoors.) Keeping Fluffy in can also help reduce the amount of fur she sheds. This is because your feline friend won’t be as exposed to seasonal changes that trigger shedding. Many cats will also benefit from hairball prevention products. Ask your vet for more information.

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