Tips for Leaving Fido Home Alone

Does your canine buddy spend time alone while you’re off at work, earning money for pet food and doggy treats? Dogs are pack animals by nature, and sometimes feel very sad and lonely when left by themselves. Read on as a Greenville, SC vet offers advice on leaving Fido home alone.


Make sure your pup has plenty of fun toys to play with, so he doesn’t get bored. Puzzle toys and treat toys are a great option, as they can keep Fido occupied for hours.


Before you leave, take your furry pal for a nice long walk. If you can, spend a few minutes playing with him. This will burn off some of Fido’s excess energy, so he’ll be calmer afterwards, and perhaps ready for a good nap.

Canine Comforts

It’s very important for Fido to have a comfy doggy bed. You may want to leave a TV or radio on when you leave, as the sound of music and voices can help keep him from feeling lonely. If you won’t be home before nightfall, leave a light on, so your furry buddy isn’t left alone in a dark house.


More than one of our canine patients have gotten themselves into trouble when left by themselves. Make your home safe for Fido by removing toxic plants; chemicals; medicines; plastic bags and ties; and any small or sharp items. If your pet has a habit of chewing inappropriately, be sure to put all shoes, bags, and purses in a closet. We don’t recommend crating your dog for the whole day: that’s just too long for Fido to be comfortable in his kennel. Instead, consider puppyproofing one room, and keeping your four-legged buddy in there while you’re gone. Ask your vet for more information.

Separation Anxiety

As noted above, dogs can get quite distressed when left alone. This is known as separation anxiety. Sometimes this can lead to inappropriate behavior in dogs: your pup may chew, dig, or whine to show his angst. Never punish your pooch for misbehaving in your absence: this can backfire, and may make your furry friend even more uneasy. Instead, ignore your pet when you are coming or going. If Fido has severe anxiety, consult a professional dog behaviorist.

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